I am a fourth generation seamstress, and have been making a living from my craft for most of my life.

My training is in costume design and theatre arts and I have worked in that field off and on for several years.

I try to use the principles from the stage in my work, Costuming for the Theatre of Life, so to speak.

My work reflects a simple elegance and vintage appeal inspired by the opulent designs of Erte’ and Poiret of the early 20th century. I adore the drape and the luscious texture of silk velvet and it’s ability to hold the most vibrant colors. Constantly experimenting and learning new techniques in dyeing, painting and embellishing fabrics, my vision is always evolving. But some things remain true. Beautiful clothing can be comfortable and easy to wear no matter the size. Beauty is the primary goal in all of my work and my joy is found in adorning people and helping them realize their own beauty and grace.